Abdullah Avcı to intimidate rivals! We will be in the competition TS sports news

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Trabzonspor Coach Abdullah Avcı made sincere statements on many issues in an interview with the club magazine.

“I preferred Trabzonspor for its coat of arms, brand, history, history and goals,” said Avcı about the process of coming to the burgundy-blue club and said, “I have received a transfer offer three times. Today is my fortune. I’m here for. ” used the expression.

Experienced technical man, about the goals in Trabzonspor, “We talked about this” team defense “since the day we arrived, the determination of the general situation of this team. In the first match, we got some of it by working, although not 100%. Today, Trabzonspor’s goal is to be above. It is a team that has been forcing this for years and has achieved it. we need to be a team trying to act together, trying to see that compact image. ” He spoke in the form.

Finally, Avcı, who sent a message to the fans, said, “We will be patient, but I do not want a long patience. We are going through a very difficult process. Both football is going through a difficult process and the world is going through a difficult process. My football players and our community make us feel their good intentions and wishes. We will catch our self-confidence by winning. We will catch the fluidity of winning. We will make the best use of this process. Trabzonspor is a great club. It will compete, it will be in the competition. ” gave his statements.

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